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Hello, I’m Vikash Gupta, a linguist, lifelong learner, teacher, blogger, and fun-loving guy. Thank you for visiting my website, “Joy of Chinese.”

Is China or the Chinese language new to you? Perhaps you already know a little Chinese or speak it fluently. Or possibly, anything and everything related to China fascinates you!

Whatever may be your case. The “Joy of Chinese” is all about Chinese. I will present everything that a Chinese enthusiast would find interesting!

Even better, it goes the extra mile to provide resources and content you won’t find anywhere else. You won’t want to miss this blog if you are interested in Chinese culture or language.

The Joy of Chinese blog is where I share my passion for Chinese, knowledge, experiences, resources, and tools that I find helpful for learning. The right approach can make learning Chinese a pleasure and effective.


Qiānlǐ zhī xíng, shǐyú zú xià

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

My journey of learning languages

In addition to my mother tongue Hindi and near-native level of English, I also have a higher proficiency in French and Spanish.

Languages were never my goal or interest until I learned my first foreign language – French – as a student.

During this time, I discovered my passion for languages. Making this decision changed my life forever. While working at my first job, I also completed all levels of Spanish.

Over the years, I have studied Japanese, German, Korean, and Italian to varying degrees on and off. Yet, it was still possible for me to pursue my interests despite many professional and personal commitments.

I work as a Spanish and French faculty at two Indian universities. I also conduct corporate training, teach at LanguageNext, develop curriculums, and provide career counseling with vast experience in various topics and educational approaches.

You can also visit my LinkedIn profile. Through my various blogs, I write about different languages.

My experience with the Chinese language

I have always wanted to learn Mandarin Chinese. At one point in time, I even enrolled in a learning center, bought some books, and tried audio lessons to immerse myself in everything Chinese.

But other than learning some basics and a few dozen characters, I could never accomplish my dream. Yet, I continued reading and researching China and Chinese, and I wrote many in-depth articles.

That’s how I came up with the tagline for this website, “An Amazing World Of Chinese.”

My Blogging Experience

Learning a language from scratch will confuse and overwhelm everyone. By blogging, I hope to provide you with different learning methods, resources, and guidance that work best for you and make the entire process enjoyable.

I have worked in this field for over 15 years now.

I started studyfrenchspanish.com in 2017 and languagenext.com in 2018, to encourage and support people to learn foreign languages!

Then, I also launched joyofkorean.com in 2021, joyofjapanese.com in 2022, and joyofspanish.com and joyoffrench.com in 2023.

Since I run my work alone and have no profits, investments, or business partners, I am responsible for everything on my website. Despite some difficulties, my language career allowed me to maintain and advance in my career.

With increasing website visitors, content, work, social media, and technical issues, I outsourced some of my responsibilities to freelancers.


When I started my blogs, I only had a few hundred visitors a month, but by 2021, the number had grown to roughly three million.

Many renowned educational institutions and websites have cited or recommended my articles. This includes, but is not limited to Cervantes, Alliance Francaise, Femina, News24, Duolingo, iTalki, University of Delhi, University of Illinois, LanguageIndia, Leeds Beckett University, University of North Dakota, Sejong Korean Institute – Inko Center, AC, Times Bridge, Interactio, Eurekly, St. Joseph’s College, Activate Learning.

It has been my honor to be interviewed, debated, and asked about different aspects of foreign languages by several organizations.

The reasons behind the “Joy of Chinese”

I learned most of what I know about Chinese through research, writing, and answering the endless number of questions I receive on other blogs. Here are some of the Chinese articles I wrote for my other blogs.

(i) Why learn Chinese? (ii) Career in Chinese (iii) HSK exam (iv) Movies to learn Chinese (v) Chinese Proficiency Test (vi) TOCFL test (vii) Chinese courses in Delhi (viii) Learn Chinese in Bangalore (ix) Mandarin classes in Mumbai.

During my interactions with readers, I received numerous requests to cover more topics related to Chinese.

Some questions required a new piece. A few lines of answers were not adequate for all the time and left much to be desired. In addition, I cannot cover Chinese-only content since those blogs and visitors focus on other languages, too.

Therefore, I came up with a logical solution to all these problems. I created the “Joy of Chinese.”

The blog’s purpose

You will find informative and engaging content about Chinese on this website. As you keep revisiting the website, you’ll better understand the Chinese language and gain a deeper understanding of it.

Through engaging storytelling, information, news, resources, and updates, I will try to bring language learning to life.

It will be a worthwhile experience, I assure you. My general approach is to not begin anything unless I have the conviction, confidence, and enthusiasm to see it through. And that is the main reason I have waited so long to write this blog.

I am chronicling my linguistic journey through this blog. I hope that my knowledge, experience, and explanations will help you achieve your Chinese goals.

Communicate, connect, contact

It is enjoyable to receive messages, comments, and emails from you. In addition, getting to know readers and conversing with other Chinese learners is always a pleasure.

I may not be able to reply to everyone. Although I read most of it, I always try to answer as much as possible.

Feel free to fill out this form or email hello [at] joyofchinese.com if you want to contact me.

It would be great to hear your experiences, ideas, suggestions, and thoughts about Chinese. So, please don’t be shy if you have something to say. I love receiving feedback.

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My life has been transformed by learning languages, which has provided me with a wealth of knowledge and happiness. I hope it does that for you as well.

So be motivated, look around, and start your journey to the mysterious yet enthralling world of China and Chinese.

Best Wishes

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